Monday, October 25, 2010

get motivated before its two late

What:  Stew is a 55 year old man who has a history of heart and vascular disease. He asked me for advice about starting a workout program to improve his quality of life.  He believes that working out will help him to live a longer life.  We are going to sit down and find what he is capable of doing so he can get started.  After his assessment I would like to get him started on a light cardiovascular workout combined with a resistance workout.
So what: Stew is scared that if he doesn’t start building some cardiovascular endurance his health will simply continue to decline.  He currently is not exercising and has led a sedentary life for some time now.  He is currently in the contemplation phase, he knows he needs to get in shape but hasn’t started working out yet.  Due to his life style he is overweight which is making his heart work harder to move the extra weight.  Due to his heart and weight he is not able to even walk long distance.
                At this point the fear of dying is more than his dislike of exercise.  At this point we need to set some goals for him to achieve in the future.  I have to be realistic with him his goal should not be to run the Boston marathon next month.  His goals need to start small and get bigger until he reaches his final goal.  His first goal needs to be taking the step from planning to get in shape to going to the gym.  Because if he doesn’t commit to that one there is nothing I can do for him.
Now what:  Stew has decided to to come into the gym when he does he will leave contemplation and is entering the action phase.  ‘’The action phase is when someone works out more than 20 min a day five days a week. I set him to workout three times a week. First due to his weight, and cardiovascular problems.”pg155  I need to be careful not to over train him because he will have a low tolerance.  I will not train him to failure due to his health risks.  “An 8-wk linear periodized concurrent strength and endurance training program using a moderate number of repetitions not to failure (4NRF group) provides a favorable environment for achieving greater enhancements in strength, muscle power.” (Object ) I want to start him by walking in the pool it’s low impact and it should be low to moderate intensity for him.  For resistance training I would start him with elastic bands.  He just needs to try to show up every day and put for the effort to get better.  
As his trainer I need to provide as much positive reinforcement as I can to support him and to help him reach his goals. He should be able to progress from walking in the pool to riding a stationary bike, and advance to free weights.  His final goal should be able to get to a point when he is maintaining his fitness level.  But first he needs to overcome his disabilities to get to a normal fitness level
Conclusion: .Stew is desperate to get into shape to improve his quality of life.  He finally decided to go from the planning stage to finally commit to getting into shape.  He should be able to get acclimated to working out with the lower stress activities.  If he can master the stationary bike and free weights he should be able to increase his cardiovascular threshold.
Object, . (2010). Concurrent endurance and strength training not to failure optimizes performance gains. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise V. 42 No. 6 (June 2010) P. 1191-9, 42(6), 1191-1199.
References:  Gill, D. L., & Williams, L. (2008) Psychological Dynamics of Sport and Exercise . Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics pg155

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